Things to do @ Angel Stadium

Things To Do @ Angels Stadium

Brick Program – Fans can purchase a personalized brick that will be placed in front of the Home Plate Gate. Bricks can be purchased for $99 and then engraved with your name or message. You can also purchase a replica brick with the same inscription to keep at home or at work.

Outfield Extravaganza – Located beyond the Center Field wall, it was created to be the signature piece of Angel Stadium of Anaheim. The Outfield Extravaganza area was built to model the rocky California coastline and comes to life with a 90-foot high geyser, fireworks and pyrotechnics to celebrate great plays or special moments on the field. This area is designed to be viewed, not explored; any fan attempting to climb or enter this area will be subject to ejection from the ballpark.



Coors Field

Coors Field, located in Lower Downtown Denver, Colorado is the home ballpark of Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies.

Main Park Information

Park Access – Guests are encouraged to come early and watch batting practice, infield workouts and pregame ceremonies. Gates A (Rockpile entrance) and E will open 2 hours prior to game time for Guests who want to view batting practice. Guests will be required to stay in the Left Field Pavilion area until the remaining ballpark gates open. Gates B, C and D will open 1 1/2 hours prior to game time.

Merchandise – Numerous merchandise outlets are available throughout the ballpark. Coors Field also offers the 7,000 square foot Diamond Dry Goods retail store (located on the first base side of the Main Concourse) is the largest of its kind in any Major League Baseball ballpark.

Parking – There are 3,800 spaces on-site at Coors Field. Day of game parking is available in Lot A for $14.00 and Lot B for $12.00. Coors Field parking lots open 2 1/2 hours prior to game time. More than 46,000 spaces are located in downtown Denver, approximately 18,000 of which are within a 15 minute walk.

Light Rail – A fast and efficient means of transportation to Coors Field. There are three Light Rail stations convenient to the ballpark; the most convenient stop is Union Station via the C Line. Light Rail runs daily.

Things To Do @ Coors Field

Dinger – During your visit to Coors Field, there is a good chance you will come face to face with a lovable, purple dinosaur! Not to worry. It’s Dinger, the Colorado Rockies mascot. The Rockies triceratops is often seen on the field before and after the game and roaming around the stadium during the game.

Interactive Area – Located behind the bullpens on the Main Concourse at Gate A.

  • Pro Batter – Your chance to hit in a video batting cage. For Guests of all ages; height restrictions apply.)
  • Pro Batter Jr. – A video batting cage for young fans that pitches plastic balls.
  • Speed Pitch – Test your throwing speed and win a prize. (For Guests of all ages.)
  • Tee-Ball – Youngsters six years of age and younger can hit one over the fence in the Tee-Ball cage at no charge.
  • KOA Fantasy Broadcast Booth – Come out and call a half inning live during the ball game. Participants can take a DVD recording of their broadcast home and relive the action. For Guests of all ages.

Food @ Coors Field

Beers of the World – Sections 106, 121, 137, 146, 316

Blue Moon Brewing Co. @ the Sandlot – The brewery is located on the Main Concourse behind section 112. Relax on their comfortable patio while enjoying a great meal and your favorite brew.

Mountain Ranch Bar & Grille – The Mountain Ranch Bar & Grille is open to all ticketed guests and is located in the right field corner of Coors Field and provides both casual and upscale dining options. The Mountain Ranch Bar & Grille may be accessed at any of the following areas: the Gate B elevator behind section 111, the elevator behind section 114 and the right field side of the Club and Suite levels (appropriate credentials are necessary for Club and/or Suite access).


Chase Field

Chase Field is home to the Arizona Diamondbacks based out of Phoenix, Arizona and features a state-of-the-art retractable roof.

Main Park Information

Park Access – Gates open one and a half (1.5) hours before each game Monday through Thursday and two (2) hours before each weekend game. Guests are encouraged to arrive early to enjoy batting practice, infield workouts and pre-game ceremonies.

Parking – Visit the Directions & Parking section of dbacks.com for detailed information.

METRO Light Rail – METRO operates 365 days a year, with peak hour frequencies of 10 minutes. Evenings and weekends, trains run every 20 minutes. METRO is designed to handle large crowds at Chase Field.

Things To Do @ Chase Field

Autographs – Guests may seek autographs from the time the gates open until 40 minutes prior to game start on the outfield side of each dugout. We do ask that anyone seeking autographs have consideration for guests possessing tickets in these seating areas.

Run The Bases – After Sunday home games, kids 3-15 years of age have the opportunity to “Run the Bases.” At the beginning of the ninth inning, kids and their families may line up on the east ramp across from sections 111, 203 and 304. Kids are allowed to “Run the Bases” one time and will rejoin their families before exiting the field at section 131. At times, “Run the Bases” may be cancelled due to post game events.

Sandlot – presented by St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center is a family-focused destination that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle with a variety of fun and exciting activities for fans of all ages. Located on the Upper Concourse in leftfield (northwest corner past Section 332), the Sandlot features:

  • Futures Field presented by St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center – Kids can take Wiffle ball batting practice and run the bases on this miniature version of Chase Field, complete with a centerfield “scoreboard” and operating door panels.
  • Playground – The playground features two clubhouses, four slides, and a play area for kids of all ages.
  • Batting Cage – Swing away in this big league-style batting cage located behind Futures Field.
  • D-backs Kid’s Club Headquarters – Kids (ages 15 and under) can join the D-backs Kid’s Club and redeem prizes.
  • Bobby Freeman’s Stage – The D-backs musical mascot entertains fans from his new location overlooking Chase Field.
  • Baxter’s Den – Mascot will sign autographs and pose for pictures during the 4th inning of every D-backs game.

Food @ AT&T Park

Located throughout the ballpark are concession stands, bistros, and portable food carts featuring traditional ballpark fare and a wide variety of ethnic, gourmet, and specialty food concepts for guests of AT&T Park. The food and beverage offerings found at the ballpark were and continue to reflect the rich, local flavors and unique culinary offerings of the San Francisco Bay Area with new food items introduced each season.


Gilroy Garlic Fries:

The signature dish and smell of AT&T Park can be found at one of the park’s 10 garlic fries locations with a total of 73 purchase lines. The fries are made with fresh garlic and parsley, which are cut daily, and prepared in oil containing no trans fat.

Crazy Crab Sandwich:

The Crazy Crab is made with Dungeness Crab and served on grilled, buttery sourdough bread and is available from the Centerfield Wharf located in the Scoreboard Plaza.

Sheboygan Bratwurst:

It would not be baseball without this ballpark favorite at AT&T Park. It is an authentic, Midwest-style bratwurst served directly from grill on a grilled sourdough roll topped with sauerkraut and onions. They are found on the Promenade in Sections 105 & 135 and on the View Level in Sections 307, 314 and 325 (on the Doggie Diner Grill carts).

The concession and food cart names at AT&T Park reflect the ethnic diversity of San Francisco. Fans will find some of the following stands and carts:

Murph’s Clubhouse Pub:

This original ballpark brand, established in 2004 and named in honor of Giants Legendary Clubhouse Manager Mike Murphy, features the Pub’s signature Irish Nachos (Irish chili over crispy potatoes topped with cheddar and green onions), Fish and crispy Chips, Corned Beef Brisket, and Murph’s Chili Dog. The Pub also serves Black & Tans, Irish Coffee, and Hot Chocolate with Baileys Creme.

A Taste of North Beach:

In keeping with the tradition of featuring local, San Francisco food offerings, this Promenade Kiosk features the traditional Stinking Rose Forty Clove Garlic Chicken Sandwich, Meatball Sandwich from U.S. Restaurant, tiramisu from Victoria Pastry and spicy Italian sausage topped with peppers and onions.

Giuseppe Bazurro’s:

Giuseppe Bazurro was a San Francisco restaurateur whose restaurant was regarded as one of the best in the city during the Gold Rush heyday of the late 19th century. Our menu includes pizzas and “bazurros,” fresh flat bread, filled with luscious salads and lightly rolled.

John J. McGraw Derby Grill:

Hall of Fame Manager John J. McGraw inspired this American grill featuring premium hot dogs and sausages, burgers, fries, beer and peanuts.

Doggie Diner:

The perfect place for just a good old Giants Dog, nachos, pretzels and peanuts. Named after the infamous Doggies Diners that were once popular diners in San Francisco, known for their gigantic Doggie signs.

Say Hey Sausage Stand:

A great selection of sausages named for the one and only “Say Hey Kid”?Mr. Willie Mays.

California Wine Carts:

Found on the Promenade and View Levels this unique carts feature many of California’s best wines.


Things to do @ AT&T Park

Things To Do @ AT&T Park

McCovey Cove

On game days, look to the water to find fans in boats and even kayaks, often with fish nets in hope of collecting a homerun ball. A very picturesque scene of the bay, named in honor of Giants fan favorite first baseman Willie McCovey. It is approx. 355 ft down the right field line from home plate and the water temperature averages 58 degree Fahrenheit.

Coca-Cola Fan Lot

“The Coca-Cola Superslide” is one of the main attractions and is popular with children as it is adults. The bottle itself, located 465 feet from home plate, contains viewing platforms and four slides, two 56-foot-long curving slides (the “Guzzler”) and two 20-foot-long twisting slides (the “Twist-Off”). There is also a “Little Giants Park”, a 50-by-50-foot replica of AT&T Park designed for children. Includes infield, bases, outfield and ballpark iconography. Test your arm at the new speed and accuracy pitching machine, “Speed Pitch”, located in Coca-Cola Fan Lot. Receive four pitches $2 to test your speed or for $5 test your accuracy by trying to strike out the batter. If you are able to hit the catchers glove 3 out of 4 times you will take home an authentic Giants jersey. Finally, autograph plaques featuring etchings of the signatures of former Giants, allowing fans to get a player’s autograph almost any time they want.  Do Not Miss the Coca-Cola Fan Lot!

Make Your Own Lou Seal by Build-A-Bear Workshop

You’ll have furry fun when you choose a Lou Seal (Giants Mascot), stuff it, give it a heart filled with your wishes, and dress it in Official Giants stuff.

Kids Run The Bases

After every Sunday day game, weather permitting, children age 14 and under can run the bases. The promotion may be canceled at the discretion of management.



Food @ Angel Stadium

Food @ the Park

Angelitos: Sections 240, 416/518
California Pizza Kitchen: Sections 109, 319, 334, 417/522, 1st Base Courtyard
Carl’s Jr.: Section 240, 1st & 3rd Base Courtyards
Chili Peppers: 1st & 3rd Base Courtyards
Clyde Wright BBQ: Gate 1
Diablo’s BBQ: Section 128, 416/516, 240, 244
Angelito’s Fresh Mexican Grill: Gate 2
Home Plate Grill: Gate 2
ICEE: Sections 133, 230, 260, 417/519, 1st & 3rd Base Courtyard
Katella Grill: Section 129
Major League Dogs: Section 259
Major League Deli: Section 223
Panda Express: Sections 226, 420/522, 3rd Base Courtyard
Panini Cafe: Section 112
Ruby’s: Sections 208 & 257
Soft Serve Ice Cream: Sections 122, 305, 1st Base Courtyard
Toro Sushi: Section 122

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