Things to do @ AT&T Park

Things To Do @ AT&T Park

McCovey Cove

On game days, look to the water to find fans in boats and even kayaks, often with fish nets in hope of collecting a homerun ball. A very picturesque scene of the bay, named in honor of Giants fan favorite first baseman Willie McCovey. It is approx. 355 ft down the right field line from home plate and the water temperature averages 58 degree Fahrenheit.

Coca-Cola Fan Lot

“The Coca-Cola Superslide” is one of the main attractions and is popular with children as it is adults. The bottle itself, located 465 feet from home plate, contains viewing platforms and four slides, two 56-foot-long curving slides (the “Guzzler”) and two 20-foot-long twisting slides (the “Twist-Off”). There is also a “Little Giants Park”, a 50-by-50-foot replica of AT&T Park designed for children. Includes infield, bases, outfield and ballpark iconography. Test your arm at the new speed and accuracy pitching machine, “Speed Pitch”, located in Coca-Cola Fan Lot. Receive four pitches $2 to test your speed or for $5 test your accuracy by trying to strike out the batter. If you are able to hit the catchers glove 3 out of 4 times you will take home an authentic Giants jersey. Finally, autograph plaques featuring etchings of the signatures of former Giants, allowing fans to get a player’s autograph almost any time they want.  Do Not Miss the Coca-Cola Fan Lot!

Make Your Own Lou Seal by Build-A-Bear Workshop

You’ll have furry fun when you choose a Lou Seal (Giants Mascot), stuff it, give it a heart filled with your wishes, and dress it in Official Giants stuff.

Kids Run The Bases

After every Sunday day game, weather permitting, children age 14 and under can run the bases. The promotion may be canceled at the discretion of management.



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